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Tip Golp Peppa Pig is a topical soothing solution for the little ones. Presented in roll-on metal ball applicator tube. It works by sliding the ball directly over the area of the skin you want to relieve or calm and can be used as many times as necessary.

It has the properties of three medicinal plants:

  • Arnica
  • Harpagofito
  • Calendula


Aromatic plant traditionally used for contusions, bumps, bumps and bruises in topical form.

REPAIR effect

Harpagofito extract is traditionally used in cosmetics for the presence of phenolic glycosides and iridoids that confer decongestive activity, and has been used topically for its healing properties.


Calendula is indicated in the topical treatment of inflammations of the skin and mucous membranes and also acts as a coadjuvant in the healing of wounds and in the treatment of contusions and burns.