For the first teeth of your baby


First Teeth

The pain and discomfort caused by the first teething are something that many babies have to face. This process usually occurs after six months, although this age can vary greatly from one baby to another. Drooling and the tendency to bite hard objects are the first sign that the teeth are about to come out.

Common signs and symptoms

  Increased salivation (drooling).

  Inflamed, red and painful gums.

  The baby bites hard and cold objects.

  Irritated skin around the mouth due to drooling.

  Irritability (crying, restlessness).

  Difficulty falling asleep, nighttime awakenings.

  Gastrointestinal symptoms (mild diarrhea).

  Hot and red cheeks.

Active Protection: Triple Efficacy

What is hyaluronic acid?
Hyaluronic acid is one of the fundamental components of connective tissue in man and other mammals: it gives the skin its special properties of resistance and shape retention, and is a basic component of healthy oral mucosa.

During teething preparations based on hyaluronic acid rapidly reduce the pain and discomfort caused by the first teeth of your baby, accelerate the healing process and significantly reduce the risk of reoccurence of the disorder. It also controls the inflammatory process and rehydrates the tissues.

Performance of the functions of hyaluronic acid in the buccal cavity depends on its molecular weight.

Performance of the functions of hyaluronic acid (HA) in the oral cavity depends on its molecular weight.
EnciTip® contains two different types of HA:

  • A high molecular weight HA, mimetics the physiological HA, forms a protective coating on the oral mucosa wounds and accelerates healing.
  • A low molecular weight HA enhances tissue hydration.
  • Both HA activates natural tissue reparations.

The special matrix of EnciTip®, composed by two different molecular weight HA, Aloe Vera, xilitol and trehalose, guarantees:

  • Maximum adherence to the lesion.
  • The formation of an aqueous film with moisturizing, protective and bactericidal properties which play an important role (barrier effect).
  • Increased residence time of the matrix at the site of application skin regenerating and wound healing properties.

The combination of these two factors guarantees active protection

Does not contain alcohol

Does not contain sugar

Iso-salivary pH, to maintain a physiological oral pH

Harmless if swallowed


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