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Food Supplements

+3 years

 Cognitive and visual development

Chewable capsules

DHA + EPA + Vitamins D & E

Contributes to brain, retina and immune system development during childhood and adolescence.

DHA is one of the main Omega 3 fatty acids in the brain, retina and nervous system. It is an indispensable nutrient, especially during childhood and adolescence.

DHA intake is associated with higher scores on visual and neurological development tests.

According to a study of Oxford Durhan about the administration of Omega 3 and Omega 6 dietary supplements vs placebo confirms:

  • Improvements with active treatment vs placebo in reading, writing and behaviour.
  • Fatty acid supplements can offer a safe and effective therapeutic option for behavioural problems in education of children with DCD (developmental coordination disorder).

DHA is capable of modifying and improving behaviour and learning in children.

 Strengthens the body’s defenses

Powder for oral solution stick packs

Prebiotics + Probiotics + Vitamins

Reinforces the defense of the organism, participates in healthy microflora balance and source of probiotics for 3 months old and over.

TIP Probiot is a combination of specific strains of Latobacillus and Bifidobacterium enriched with Vitamin C that:

  • Favours the correct functioning of the immune system.
  • Rebalances intestinal flora by stimulating the body´s natural defenses.

A unique symbiotic to support 3 lines of Natural Defenses 

  1. Barrier Effect.
  2. Innate Immune system support.
  3. Acquired immune system support.

Strains recognized safe: 2 safety and tolerance studies in infant.

9 clinical studies, 8 of them in children to improved immunity in children and adults.
These clinical studies had optimal results that demostrate efficacy on the immune system.

  • Studies in pediatric patients accused respiratory problems, respiratory and ear infections common.
  • Children with acute diarrhea and rotavirus infections, diarrhea no infections, oral lesions related to the immune system.

Radomsed, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study in 135 children aged between 3-7 yeas.


Melatonin + L-tryptophan + Vitamin B6

Regulates sleep – wake cycles. Alleviates Insomnia.

Contributes to the reduction of the time needed to fall asleep and to relieve the effects related to jet lag.

MelaTIP Children: (0.5 mg Melatonin / 10 mg Triptophan / 0.116 mg Vitamin B6)
Children over 2 years: Take 0.5 ml per day (6 drops) half an hour before bedtime.

MelaTIP Adults: (1 mg Melatonin / 20 mg Triptophan / 0.231 mg Vitamin B6) Take 0.5 ml a day (12 drops) half an hour before bedtime.

Strawberry/Raspberry flavour.

Oral films. Disintegrates orally.

Melatonin + L-tryptophan + Vitamin B6

Regulates sleep – wake cycles. Alleviates Insomnia.

Contributes to the reduction of the time needed to fall asleep and to relieve the effects related to jet lag.

Banana flavour.

TIP Syrups

TIP Syrups formulated with Natural Ingredients and Agave Nectar (Natural sweeten & Vegatable origin).
Natural extracts + Vitamins + Minerals + Natural Prebiotics (with Acacia fiber).


Oral Soltion in bottle

Strengthen the immune system.

It combines the most effective natural active ingredients to help fight against external aggressions, improving the body´s resistance. Its gentle formula is ideal invigorate especially during seasonal changes, periods that favor the appearance of repeated colds, while it also promotes everyday physical and intellectual vitality.

It contains Copper and Vitamin C which improve the immune function and extracts of Echinacea, Ginseng and Propolis, which contributes to the natural defenses of the body.

Cherry flavour.

 Nose & Throat

Oral solution in bottle

Decongestant and relieves sore throat.

Designed to calm and clear respiratory tract. It contains extracts of Thyme, Primula, Malva and Linden known to soothe the throat; Black lace and Tila for cold symptoms and Propolis to support the natural defenses mechanism, especially at the level of the upper respiratory tract.

Cherry flavour.


Oral solution in bottle

Appetite stimulant.

Designed with natural extracts recognized to stimulate the appetite, it stimulant helps in periods of inappetence and revitalizes the body. It is Specially indicated in summer seasons or periods of convalescence.

Contains Fenugreek and Turmeric to help stimulate appetite and Vitamin C and B12 to help reduce fatigue.

Cherry flavour.


Oral solution in bottle

Promotes sleep and prevent insomnia.

Designed with natural extracts recognized to ease up sleep. It regulates periods of sleep in a natural way. Specially indicated during periods of stress or situations of greater activity.

Contains Extracts of Passionflower, Lemon balm, Valerian, White hawthorn which help to reduce agitation and promote relaxation.

Cherry flavour.