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Dermocosmetic line based on Avenanthramides, which are indicated for sensitive and atopic skins
because of their soothing actin against redness and itching.


Oats oil  + Shea Butter + Sunflower oil + D-Panthenol

Hypoallergenic body lotion to be used after bathing, with oats and other natural ingredients that moisturize, soothe and soften baby´s sensitive skin.


Oats Avenanthramides+ D-Panthenol

Shampoo – hypoallergenic gel for body and hair. Respectful with the protective barrier of the baby´s skin, with emollient and soothing properties for the daily hygiene of the skin in the baby.


Oats oil + Jojoba oil + Sunflower oil + D-Panthenol + Zinc Oxide

Water paste which relieves, calms, regenerates and prevents skin chafing and rashes caused by the use of diaper. Contains natural ingredients that moisturize, soothe and soften the baby´s sensitive skin.

D-Panthenol component widely used for its ability to relieve damaged skin and Zinc oxide, recognized as a skin protector.


Almonds oil + Oats oil + Vitamin E

Massage oil based on pure oils of sweet almonds and oats with high moisturizing power and emollient and reparating propierties.

Contains mineral-free oils that are well absorbed into the baby´s skin without clogging the pores or causing irritation. They can also be used during pregnancy.